A new website and our first Etsy sell!

Shipping out my first Etsy sale

Though this may sound bizarre, I was not quite ready to actually sell something on Etsy (I know; it’s very strange). The Etsy shop idea has been floating in my subconscious for quite some time; the shop has actually existed empty for a few years. With the help of my husband/partner/number one fan, Randy, we populated the shop with the items that have been hiding in bins in the studio. He took amazing photos, populated Etsy, set up all the pricing and shipping. All I had to do was nod and say , “That looks great,” and announce on social media. The response from family, friends, and fans – my 3f’s or f3 – was super supportive. Okay, Etsy, here I come.

And on Friday, February 17, I received a notification from Etsy that not one but two items were sold. Wow! Which one of my “creative children” had been picked? Who picked them? Where are they going? HOW WILL THEY GET THERE? All of these questions and more began to swirl through my brain. When I’m at a show, I get to meet the individual, have a discussion with them, make sure that they will (for the most part) be a responsible owner of one of my “children”. I lovingly wrap their choice, place it in a bag, and hand it off with much love and encouragement, but this is completely new territory.

Once I learned the in’s and out’s of selling on Etsy, I realized we needed to bring the website up to speed. So Randy started working on that, and what you are looking at is the result of many hours of work. He has known how to create websites for years (he created and maintained the Air Force Hurricane Hunters website up until last year), but he had to go out and learn some new tricks and current ways of doing websites, and what you see is just one of his contributions to my creative process. I hope you like our new home!

I plan to put posts up on a regular basis, and between this home site, my studio FaceBook page, my Instagram page, and my Etsy shop, you can expect to see all my new creations, ideas, processes, and wanderings as they emerge from my brain and spin into reality. You can expect at least weekly posts… at least that’s my goal! I’m so excited!

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